Cancer Genomics

Faculty or school: Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology

The Cancer Genomics group aims to uncover genetic and biological factors that intimately contribute to the development and progression of cancer, especially breast and pancreatic cancers. The ultimate goal is to identify factors that can be utilized in the clinical management of cancer patients either as diagnostic or prognostic markers or as targets of therapy.

Research focus and goals

We are concentrating on the role of nucleocytoplasmic transport in cancer pathogenesis. Defects in this cellular mechanism, which is central to the function of eukaryotic cells, result in incorrect localization of proteins subsequently leading to various diseases including cancer. We are especially interested in the role of karyopherin alpha 7 (KPNA7) and its cargo proteins in the regulation of cancer cell associated phenotypes, mainly the control of cancer cell growth.

Contact persons

Anne Kallioniemi


+358 50 437 2645