Aerosol Physics

Aerosol particles suspended in air affect the cloud formation in the atmosphere and are crucial for the radiation balance of the Earth. Ambient aerosols affect air quality and have adverse effects on human health. The ability to measure these particles plays a key role in studying their effects.

Research focus and goals

Our research includes laboratory studies with test particles, developing measurement methods and understanding particle emissions, and real-world studies regarding the effects of particles on air quality and climate. Our research offers ways to design and control different combustion processes worldwide, and produce functional nanomaterials via gas phase processes.

Aerosol Science underpins much of the modern environmental science and nanotechnology. We develop novel real-time instruments to characterize aerosol particles; we apply the most modern measurement methods to study emissions of various sources; we help in developing new and less emitting technologies for traffic, fuels, combustion systems, engines, and after-treatment devices.

We also aim at improving our understanding of the aerosol effects on air quality, human well-being, and climate. Further, we use aerosol techniques to develop novel functional materials and coatings.

The central research areas of the aerosol physics unit are presently instrument development, combustion aerosols, atmospheric aerosols and gas phase nanoparticle synthesis. The instrument development utilizes the mechanical and electrical properties of aerosol particles to create novel, even commercial instruments. The research on atmospheric particles concentrates on the conversion of emissions and processes taking place in the atmosphere.

The measurement devices developed in our unit are used for studying aerosol particle formation in vehicle emissions and in the boreal forests. Single and multicomponent nanoparticles are produced using the liquid flame spray method, developed in the unit.

Contact persons

Jorma Keskinen

Professor, Head of the Unit

jorma.keskinen [at]

+358 40 198 1003