Procedure for requesting research permission at Tampere University of Applied Sciences

If your research or development project concerns TAMK at the institutional level, the required research permission is granted by the Vice President. The permission to conduct a research project that explores a specific school, degree or activity is granted by the director of the school.

If staff members employed by TAMK participate, for example, in collecting research data or conducting interviews during their office hours or if TAMK-owned resources or online services are used in connection with your study, the research permission is granted by the Vice President. If staff from only one school take part in conducting the study, the permission may be granted by the director of the school.

Email addresses included in mailing lists will not be disclosed to external persons. With the Vice President’s permission, the invitation to participate in your study and the link to your research form may be made available to our students and staff on the intranet. Student unions are responsible for maintaining their own communication tools.

If you need access to personal data stored in TAMK’s databases for the purpose of conducting your research or development project, your access request will be reviewed by the Vice President. 

Please note that TAMK may only grant you an institutional permission to carry out your study. You must still separately request consent from your research subjects to participate in the study.  

Depending on the nature of your study, it may be necessary to also request an ethical review by the Ethics Committee of the Tampere Region. Please see the web page “Does my study require an ethical review?

Contact information

If your study requires permission from the Vice President, please send your application, privacy policy and research plan by email to: TAMK / Development Services,

If your study concerns an individual school at TAMK or a specific field of study or degree, send your application and the required attachments to the director of the school:

  • Susanna Seitsamo, Director, School of Health
  • Ari-Pekka Anttila, Director, School of Business
  • Jouko Lähteenmäki, Director, School of Built Environment and Bioeconomy
  • Hannu Kivilinna, Director, School of Industrial Engineering
  • Kai Salonen, Dirctor, School of Media, Music and Art
  • Hanna Ilola, Director, School of Pedagogical Innovations
  • Lea Yli-Koivisto, Director, School of Well-being and Health Technology

Email addresses:

Postal address:

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
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Procedure for granting a research permission at Tampere University of Applied Sciences

TAMK will primarily grant permission to conduct scientific research or thesis-related research that focus on developing TAMK at the institutional level or the fields of study offered by TAMK.

If TAMK’s staff take part in carrying out your study during their working hours or if TAMK’s resources are used for the purpose of conducting your study, you will be required to deliver the research report, publication or other output, as specified in the application, to TAMK after your study has been completed.  

Researchers must agree to process and protect data in compliance with the provisions set out in data protection laws. After the study has been completed, data relating to individuals must be securely disposed of or archived as provided for by law.

The research permission may be revoked if you do not comply with the terms and conditions set out in TAMK’s decision. If the permission is revoked, you will be required to return the information you have received from TAMK.


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