Procedure for managing research permissions at Tampere University

If you research concerns University-level activities, the Vice President may grant you the research permission. Deans grant the permission for studies and thesis projects that concern an individual faculty.

If staff members employed by Tampere University participate, for example, in collecting research data or conducting interviews during their office hours or if University-owned resources or online services are used in connection with your study, the research permission may be granted either by the Vice President or Dean, depending on whether the study concerns the entire University or a specific faculty. If your research topic concerns, for example, Tampere University Hospital as an organisation or its patients, you must apply for research permission from Tampere University Hospital. The research and teaching coordinators at Tampere University Hospital will advise you on the process: research and teaching coordinators. (The page is only available in Finnish.)

If you need to access to personal data stored in the University’s databases for research purposes, you must submit a special form to request access to the data. Your approved application for an institutional research permission must be attached to accompany your access request.

Please note Tampere University may only grant you an institutional permission to carry out your study. You must still separately request consent from your research subjects to participate in the study.    

Tampere University's conditions for granting a research permission

Research permissions are generally granted for scientific studies, theses or development projects that are related to the operations and development of Tampere University. 

The permission may be revoked if you do not comply with the terms and conditions set out in the University’s decision. If the permission is revoked, you will be required to return the information you have received from the University.   

Depending on the nature of your study, it may be necessary to also request an ethical review by the Ethics Committee of the Tampere Region. Please see the web page “Does my study require an ethical review?

You apply for an institutional research permission by filling in an application form (available further down the page under “Useful links”). 

Your research plan that clearly describes your research goals and methods and your data management plan (see “Useful links” below) must be attached to accompany your application. Please also enclose your privacy notice with your application (link below).

Researchers must agree to process and protect data in compliance with the provisions set out in data protection laws. After the study has been completed, data relating to individuals must be securely disposed of or archived as provided by law.     

In addition to an institutional research permission, researchers may need access to personal data stored in the University’s databases. Please direct all inquiries about research permissions to Head of Administration Heikki Eilo, firstname.lastname [at], tel. +358 40 1901389.

Useful links:


Enclose the application with your research plan. See the website of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)


Ethical review in the human sciences

The following forms are only available in Finnish. If you need these forms, please contact Heikki Eilo (tel. +358 040 1901389 or email firstname.lastname [at]

  • Request for access to student data, PDF (A). Please see the instructions on the web page privacy policies.
  • You can request access to data stored in the University’s databases, for example, by filling out a request for access to publicly available data contained in public records
  • Request for access to data contained in confidential public records

Please direct all inquiries about research permissions to Head of Administration Heikki Eilo, firstname.lastname [at], tel. +358 40 1901389.