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About me

I’m a doctoral researcher in gender studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, with academic background also in environmental politics. In my research I examine the multispecies livelihoods enacted in small-scale and subsistence food production. By multispecies livelihoods I refer to the diverse and particular practices of securing the necessities of life through sharing the everyday with human and non-human others. 

Theoretically my research is based on two distinct but interconnected approaches, which both have roots in feminist thinking. First, I utilize the diverse and postcapitalist economies framework to analyse the heterogeneity of everyday economic interdependencies embedded in the practices of food self-provisioning. Second, I draw from post-humanist and new materialist thinking to explore the dynamic more-than-human relationalities that food production consists of. Both frameworks provide ethico-onto-epistemological perspectives that empasize the situatedness and material-semiotic performativity of knowledge, which in my research is both an object of study and an essential part of methodological reflexivity.

Empirically my research is based on ethnographic and interview data, collected among practitioners of small-scale and subsistence food production in three different settings in Finland: community-based agriculture, urban beekeeping and mushroom foraging. In addition, I have recently been engaged with a school of self-sufficiency in North Karelia, collect ing research data and leading a process of pedagogical and art-based collaboration. In this sub-project I am interested in how food self-provisioning and self-sufficiency is being learned and taught as everyday epistemological practices. 

My interest in pedagogy as a process of knowledge production has also lead me studying feminist and university pedagogies, and researching the role and potential of feminist pedagogies in the era of environmental crises. I have planned and taught several courses in social sciences and gender studies at Tampere University and Hilma network for gender studies. 

I am a member of the Community Economies Research Network . In 2021 I act as a member of the board in the Finnish Society for Environmental Social Sciences and as a vice member of the board in the Association for Gender Studies in Finland . In 2021, I was awarded the ”Vuoden Tiedekynä” Academic Writing Award for the best Finnish article in environmental social sciences.


Kone Foundation; The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Research career

Selected publications

Hyvärinen, Pieta, Koistinen, Aino-Kaisa & Koivunen, Tuija (2021) Tuottavan hämmennyksen äärellä - näkökulmia feministiseen pedagogiikkaan ympäristökriisien aikakaudella (Productively unsettling - viewpoints on feminist pedagogy in th era of environmental crises). Sukupuolentutkimus-Genunforskning 34:1, 6-18. 

Hyvärinen, P. (2020). Sienestystä pohjoisilla puupelloilla: metsien moninaiset taloudet ja plantaasiosentrismin ongelma (Mushroom-foraging on northern tree plantations: diverse forest economies and the problem of plantationocentrism). Alue ja Ympäristö, 49(2), 22-43.

Hyvärinen, Pieta (2020) “Building Upon, Extending Beyond: Small-Scale Food Production Within a Nordic Welfare State.” In Enacting Community Economies Within a Welfare State, eds. Teppo Eskelinen and Juhana Venäläinen. Colchester: MayFly Books, 71-94.

Alhojärvi, Tuomo & Hyvärinen, Pieta (2020) Translating Diverse Economies in the Anglocene. In Handbook of Diverse Economies, eds. J.K. Gibson-Graham and Kelly Dombroski. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 467-475.

Hyvärinen, Pieta (2019) Beekeeping expertise as situated knowing in precarious multispecies livelihoods. Sosiologia 59 (4), 365-381.

Hyvärinen, Pieta & Alhojärvi, Tuomo (2018) Talous haltuun feministisen pedagogiikan keinoin (Take back the economy with feminist pedagogy). In Feministisen pedagogiikan ABC, eds. Laukkanen, Anu, Miettinen, Sari, Elonheimo, Aino-Maija, Ojala, Hanna ja Saresma, Tuija. Tampere: Vastapaino, 119-127.

Hyvärinen Pieta (2017) Ruoantuotannon ristiriitoja rikkaruohonjuuritasolla: kitkeminen työnä, tiedontuotantona ja tulevaisuuksien tekemisenä (Grassroots level complexities in food production. Weeding as work, knowledge production and remaking the future). Sukupuolentutkimus-Genusforskning 30 (2), 35-48. 

Hyvärinen Pieta, Irni Sari, Kyrölä Katariina, Vehviläinen Marja (2017) Luontokulttuurit feministisessä tutkimuksessa (Naturecultures in feminist research). Sukupuolentutkimus-Genusforskning 30 (2), 2-5. 

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