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Paula Koskinen Sandberg

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Tampere University
City Centre Campus

About me

Note! I'm best reached by email paula.koskinen-sandberg [at]

I am an Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher in the Faculty of Social Science at University of Tampere.

I obtained my doctorate in 2016 from Hanken School of Economics, Department of Management and Organization. The title of my thesis was "The Politics of Gender Pay Equity". My current research interests include gender equality policy, industrial relations, gender pay equity, gendered labour market, Nordic welfare state and corporatism.

Fields of expertise

My current research interests include gender equality policy, industrial relations, gender pay equity, gendered labour market, Nordic welfare state and corporatism.

Top achievements

Academy of Finland Postdoctoral Researcher (2018-2022) "Neoliberalizing Welfare State Employment: Ideology, Institutional Agency, and Gendered Labour Market Outcomes"

The 2008 economic crisis and its aftermath created an opportunity for institutional actors to formulate and implement neoliberal reforms and policies.These include large-scale societal reforms, such as the Competitiveness Pact, Social Services and Regional Government (SOTE) Reform and Decentralization of the Finnish collective bargaining system. This interdisciplinary research project analyses the key processes on neoliberalization: marketization, decentralization and privatization through these case studies. Specific emphasis is on the gendered labour market outcomes of these reforms.  

Research unit

SOC/Gender Studies

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

(for full list of publications, visit

Koskinen Sandberg, P. (in press) Wage politics and feminist solidarity: The case of a cartel regarding early education teachers’ wages in the Finnish capital area”. Gender, Work & Organization.

Elomäki, A., Mustosmäki, A., and Koskinen Sandberg, P. (in press) The sidelining of gender equality in a corporatist and knowledge-oriented regime: The case of failed family leave reform in Finland. Critical Social Policy. DOI: 10.1177/0261018320947060. Open Access.

Kylä-Laaso, M. and Koskinen Sandberg, P. (2020) Affective institutional work and ordoliberal governance: Gender equality in the parliamentary debates on the Competitiveness Pact in Finland. NORA-Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, 28:2, 86-98. Open Access.

Elomäki, A., Mustosmäki, A. and Koskinen Sandberg, P. (2020) Kamppailuja merkityksistä, kustannuksista ja vaikutusvallasta – Juha Sipilän hallituksen perhevapaauudistuksen kaatuminen kolmikantaisen tasa-arvopolitiikan näkökulmasta. Politiikka, 62:1, 33-55. Open Access.

Saari, M., Kantola, J. and Koskinen Sandberg, P. (online ahead of print) Implementing equal pay policy: Clash between gender equality and corporatism. Social Politics. Open Access.

Elomäki, A., Koskinen Sandberg, P., Kantola, J. and Saari, M. (2019) Työmarkkinajärjestöt valtiollisen tasa-arvopolitiikan tyhjiötä täyttämässä? Työmarkkinakeskusjärjestöjen tasa-arvoulostulot vuosina 2010-2017. Sosiologia, 2/2019

Koskinen Sandberg, P. and Saari, M. (2019) Sisters (Can’t) Unite! Wages as Macro-Political, and the Gendered Power Orders of Corporatism. Gender, Work & Organization, 26:5, 633-649. Open Access.

Koskinen Sandberg, P. (2018) The Corporatist Regime, Welfare State Employment, and Gender Pay Inequity. NORA-Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research. 26:1, 36-52

Koskinen Sandberg, P., Törnroos, M. and Kohvakka, R. (2018) The institutionalised undervaluation of women’s work. The case of local government sector collective agreements. Work, Employment and Society, 32:4, 707–725. (Nominated for 2019 SAGE Prize for Innovation/Excellence).

Koskinen Sandberg, P. (2017) Intertwining gender inequalities and gender-neutral legitimacy in job evaluation and performance-related pay. Gender, Work and Organization, 24:2, 156-170.

Koskinen Sandberg, P. (2016) Non-decision making in the reform of equal pay policy- The case of Finnish gender equality legislation. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 35:4, 280-295.

Husu, L. and Koskinen, P. (2010): Gendering Excellence in Technological Research: A Comparative European Perspective. Journal of Technology, Management and Innovation. 2010, 5:1, 127-139.