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Outi Sievi-Korte

Assistant Professor (tenure track), (2nd term) ohjelmistotekniikka
Tampere University
phone number+358503014202
Hervanta Campus



Supervising BSc theses.

Supervising MSc theses.

Course Software Design (COMP.SE.110)


Project INTEMO (Intelligent Methods for Motivated Software Development)

Project VISDOM activities.

Studying social interactions in GSD.

Main positions of trust

The Finnish Society for Computer Science, member of board 1.1.2018 onwards, chairman of board 1.1.2021 onwards.

Vice member of the faculty council for Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering (at TUT), 2014-2015 and 2017-2018.

Mission statement

I strive to create methods and tools for intelligent data-driven software engineering. This entails combining data and views from different stakeholders for more comprehensive, automated, optimized software engineering. Further, I seek synergies between software engineering and other disciplines to improve sw engineering and to create new innovations.

Research topics

My research interests fall generally under using intelligent methods for
software engineering problems, and include topics such as:

Data-driven software development

Artificial intelligence and its applications in the context of software engineering

Human factors and the social aspects of software development

Data analysis techniques to support software engineering tasks

Global software development (GSD)

Software architecture design

Software project management

Self-adaptive systems

Meta-heuristics (genetic algorithms, swarm intelligence, etc.)

Software quality

Software refactoring 

Research unit

Computing Sciences, Software Process team

Research fields

Software development, software engineering, computer science


Academy of Finland

Research career

Assistant professor, 2014-

- Since 10/2014 I've held the position of Assistant professor (tenure track). I've done research in the contex of project GloFuMe, and since 2019 in the ITEA3/Business Finland funded project VISDOM (lead by prof. Systä), researching visualizations in software process improvement. In spring 2021 I will start project INTEMO (Intelligent Methods for Motivated Software Development), funded by the Ulla Tuominen foundation.

Post-doctoral researcher (Academy of Finland), 2014- 2018.

- Starting 09/2014 until 09/2018 I worked as a post-doctoral researcher with personal project funding from the Academy of Finland for project GloFuMe. In this project I researched software architectures in the context of global software developmen. My goal was to find methods to co-optimize the software architecture and project management via architecture based task allocation. This project included close collaboration with Lero - The Irish Software Research Centre (Limerick, Ireland).

Teaching associate, 2011-2014.

- After a few years concentrating mainly on teaching, from the beginning year 2014 I worked in the Need4Speed project, where I was involved in studying software process data mining, modeling, analysis and visualizations. Within this project I also investigated software architecture refactoring and evaluation. The project was funded by DIMECC and lead by profs Tommi Mikkonen and Kari Systä. 

Researcher, project Darwin 2009-2011. 

- Project Darwin investigated using meta-heuristics to automatically design and optimize software architectures. Within this project I completed my PhD thesis "Genetic Algorithms in Software Architecture Synthesis" approved with distinction (Nov. 2011). The project was funded by Academy of Finland and lead by prof. Kai Koskimies. 

Selected publications

O. Sievi-Korte, F. Fagerholm, K. Systä, and T. Mikkonen, Dimensions of Consistency in GSD: Social Factors, Structures and Interactions, In: Morisio M., Torchiano M., Jedlitschka A. (eds) Product-Focused Software Process Improvement. PROFES 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12562. Springer, Cham. 

T. Aho, O. Sievi-Korte, T. Kilamo, S. Yaman, and T. Mikkonen, Demystifying Data Science Projects: a Look on the People and Process of Data Science Today, In: Morisio M., Torchiano M., Jedlitschka A. (eds) Product-Focused Software Process Improvement. PROFES 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12562. Springer, Cham. 

O. Sievi-Korte, I. Richardson, and S. Beecham, Software Architecture Design in Global Software Development: An Empirical Study, The Journal of Systems and Software 158, December 2019.

O. Sievi-Korte, S. Beecham, and I. Richardson, Challenges and Recommended Practices for Software Architecting in Global Software Development, Information and Software Technology 106, February 2019, 234-253.

S. Suonsyrjä, O. Sievi-Korte, K. Systä, T. Kilamo, T. Mikkonen, Objectives and Challenges of the Utilization of User-Interaction Data in Software Development, In: Proceedings of the Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA) 2018, IEEE, 357-361.

A.-L. Mattila, K. Systä, O. Sievi-Korte, M. Leppänen and T. Mikkonen, Discovering Software Process Deviations Using Visualizations, In: Proceedings of XP'17, 2017, Springer LNBIP 283, pp. 259-266.

M. Leppänen, S. Mäkinen, S. Lahtinen, O. Sievi-Korte, A-P. Tuovinen, and T. Männistö, Refactoring - a Shot in the Dark?, IEEE Software 32 (6), November/December 2015, 62-70.

O. Räihä, A Survey on Search-Based Software Design, Computer Science Review 4 (4), 2010, 203-249.

O. Räihä, K. Koskimies and E. Mäkinen, Genetic Synthesis of Software Architecture, In: Proc. of the 7th International Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning (SEAL'08), Melbourne, Australia. December 2008, Springer LNCS 5361, 565-574.