Nonappa Nonappa

Associate Professor (tenure track), Material Chemistry, specifically Nanochemistry
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
| Sub unit: Materials Science and Environmental Engineering | Lab or field: Chemistry and Advanced Materials (CAM)
Nonappa Nonappa

About me

I take inspiration from Nature´s extraordinary ability to design structures across length scales with ultimate precision. I am mainly fascinated by the economy, efficiency, and error-free design principles in nature. To achieve this goal, my research group focus on efficient control of the structure, function, and interactions with the highest possible precision to develop multifunctional and biocompatible nanomaterials. Beyond structure formation, we mimic the unique mechanical behavior of soft biological tissues and biochemical queues for advanced tissue culture scaffolds. The building blocks and components include but are not limited to biopolymers, nanocellulose, block-copolymers, metal nanoparticles, and biological colloidal particles. We use cutting-edge nanotechnological characterization, including state-of-the-art electron microscopy, for advanced material characterization.

Fields of expertise

  • Precision nanomaterials and colloidal self-assembly 
  • Advanced materials for biomedical applicaltions 
  • Cryo-TEM and Electron Tomography 
  • Renewable and sustainbale nanomaterials
  • Tissue engineering scaffolds
  • Solid-state NMR spectroscopy