Nikolai Tkachenko

Professor, fysikaalinen kemia
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
| Sub unit: Materials Science and Environmental Engineering
Nikolai Tkachenko

About me

I am Professor of Physical Chemistry since 2008. My specialization is light matter interaction, and photoinduced phenomena in compex molecular and supramolecular systems, semiconductor nanostructures, and nano-hybrids. I am leader of Photonics Compounds and Nanomaterials Team (


  • teaching, master and doctor work supervision, photochemistry related courses
  • research, team and projects leading
  • member of the university Science Council and faculty doctor program steering group

Fields of expertise

  • optical spectroscopy, including ultrafast laser spectroscopy
  • photochemistry and photophysics of molecular systems, nanostructures and hybrids
  • photoinduced phenomena, e.g. charge separation, energy transfer, etc.
  • primary photoreactions in solar cells and photocatalysis