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Working and studying at TAMK in February and in fourth period from 7 March 2022

Published on 2.2.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Korona-rollup TAMKin pääkampuksella.
The Finnish Government is planning to remove corona restrictions and open the society during February as the pandemic eases. The regional pandemic steering group informed on Tuesday 1st February that the situation has calmed down in the Tampere Region and the number of corona infections is expected to decrease.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences is planning a gradual transfer to contact teaching in February and in the fourth period starting on 7 March. Contact teaching will already be increased during February in accordance with the schools’ plans. The schools will inform students about it by degree programme. Matters will still be specified as regards the fourth period but teaching will mainly be organised as contact teaching in the fourth period if not prevented by the pandemic situation. 

We will specify the guidelines during February. 

Remote work is still recommended when possible. Staff may transfer to work on campus to a greater extent during February if there is no specific need for remote work. The superior agrees on the work arrangements with the team members. 

Safely on campus 

TAMK’s main campus facilities are open and it is possible for students to book facilities for groupwork or independent study as far as safety is considered. Campusravita is open for students and staff and thus it is possible to have lunch on campus in accordance with the safety guidelines. 

When staying on campus, it is important to use a face mask, take care of hand hygiene and comply with other corona guidelines. This ensures that studying and working are safe for all of us. The regional pandemic group emphasised in its press conference on 1 February that use of face masks is even more important. The strong face mask requirement at TAMK is still in force. 

The regional pandemic steering group decided in its meeting on 1 February 2022 to propose for the Regional State Administrative Agency that hobby and recreation facilities are opened from 5 February, and the Agency decided as proposed. SportUni may thus open all its services but the number of persons in the facilities is limited to guarantee safe distances. The maximum number of persons can be seen at entrances and SportUni staff monitor the numbers. Group exercise classes have to be enrolled on. Further information on SportUni website

Public events also become possible. When participants have an assigned seat, 50 per cent of the maximum capacity is allowed. This will enable organisation of public events related to teaching and other operations at TAMK. 

Thank you for the determined work in prevention of infections during the corona pandemic. We have managed the exceptional times with special arrangements – let’s continue towards the new normal.