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Welcome to Eye on TAMK 2022 Multidisciplinary International Week

Published on 21.1.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Eye on TAMK 2022. 4-8 April
TAMK invites you to the on-campus International Week this April, focusing on Digitalization in Education. For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the international partners can meet and network in person in a multidisciplinary and intercultural event.

Over the years, TAMK’s International Week has built a global platform for peer support, idea exchange and networking. Participants have always been able to present and share their expertise with their international peers from different higher educational institutions.

In 2021, Eye on TAMK was held online due to Covid-19 related restrictions, however this year you are invited to TAMK's Main Campus in Tampere for this scientific pedagogical, intercultural and social event.

Digitalization of Education

The future of higher education is digital and TAMK aims to become more digital in its functions in the future. The goal is to build suitable and functional digital solutions and methods together with our international partners. Therefore, the theme of the week is Digitalization of Education.

“Our students and staff have been working on some amazing projects which we would like present during Eye on TAMK,” says Kirsi Jokipakka, Key Account Manager in TAMK International and Business Operations and Project Coordinator for Eye on TAMK 2022.

Eye on TAMK 2022, will be consisting of lectures, workshops, seminars and short courses taught by guest lecturers and TAMK lecturers in a variety of fields of study; Languages, Media, Music, Arts, Health Care, Social Services, Engineering, Business, and Teacher Education. The week also includes project development, brainstorming and collaborative work sessions, where international colleagues can work together and share their experiences and ideas. Last but not least, in the Non-teaching Staff Track partners can share their best practices on digitalization in university services.

Internationalization and networking

Eye on TAMK 2022 provides the perfect setting for internationalization and networking with TAMK’s partner universities and international peers. The event is for all the staff and students from both TAMK and the international partner universities and peers abroad. There will be plenty of networking opportunities and interesting social programme available throughout the week. 

“The event is an extremely multidisciplinary week where the participants will be able to explore new topics, share best practices, learn new things, and find new cooperation possibilities,” concludes Kirsi Jokipakka.

Register and submit your proposal for lecture, presentations, workshops etc. by 6 February 2022. To register, follow this link.

For more information, visit the event’s page

Text:  Dimitra Panopoulou-Huovila
Image: Minttu Rantanen
Video: Renata Brito