Team coaching – the answer for education?
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Webinar: Is team coaching the answer for 21st century education?

In the webinar, Proakatemia coaches reflect on coaching methods and ultimately answer the question “Is team coaching the answer to 21st century education?”. The webinar takes place on Wednesday 21st of October at 4PM Helsinki time (GMT +3) on YouTube.

What is team coaching?

Teacher, coach, mentor, guru… many are the terms to describe the role of the teacher in a team learning approach in education. In team learning, the teacher steps down from the task of “showing the way”. The teacher becomes the person who is there to make the students to think “what is my way?”.  

The concept is not entirely foreign, as it does originate from sports teams coaching. Just like there, a good coach works along the lines of motivating participants to empower and develop their own natural abilities, curiosity and growth.   

What about a school without grades, without classes, and even without teachers? 21 years ago, teachers from TAMK had this risky, but rewarding vision of foreseeing the trends for 21st century work life, and created Proakatemia. It is all about the students learning by doing and being responsible for their own trajectories.  

Why learning in teams? 

Collaborative work is the cornerstone of the 21st century work life. Students who learn in teams, grow together by enjoying each other’s strengths. A school like Proakatemia is essentially a community-based place where people with an entrepreneur mindset can meet and experiment. It is a safe harbour to fail, try and succeed – and then do it all over again.  

In a modern connected world like our present, all business operatives need to collaborate with each other. After studying in Proakatemia, the graduates are ready for not only their work tasks, but also the modern day work culture.  

Webinar: Is team coaching the answer for 21st century education?

This webinar will have a panel discussion format. Proakatemia coaches Timo NevalainenHanna Saraketo and Tarja Tittonen will reflect on coaching methods and ultimately answer the question “Is team coaching the answer to 21st century education?”.

Timo will leave no one hungry for theory, as he can explain what latest education research is bringing us on team learning. Hanna is our world-renowned certified senior coach, who has coached loads of teams in Finland and abroad. Tarja will give us the point of view of a coach who does not come from business background, as her background is in health sciences. Tarja's example shows that team learning and coaching can be applied for any area of studies.

In addition, Alina Suni, a third-year Proakatemia student, will join us to tell about this method from the point of view of a student. How is it different from traditional schooling, what are the challenges and what are the joys?

Guest panelists Andrés Zahler (to be confirmed) and Iolanda Cortez will exchange their experiences with applying the Proakatemia model in their own local contexts in Chile and Brazil, as well as developing innovation marathons.

Join us at Wednesday 21st of October, at 4PM Helsinki time (GMT +3), through YouTube.

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