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We are improving the privacy of the library users requesting books

Published on 27.4.2022
Tampere Universities
Kirjoja varaushyllyssä.
We will replace the requesters' names on the slips with personal indentifiers.

From 2.5.2022 you'll find your requested books from the self-service pick-up shelves by your personal indetifier. So in future, there will no longer be a name of the requester in sight, but an identifier that has a first letter from your familyname and six digits created by the system. Your personal identifier will remain the same every time you reserve a book, if your familyname doesn't change.

You'll see your personal requester indentifier from the email notification we send you when your reservation is ready for pick-up. The requests that have arrived before the 2nd of May, will be on the shelves by the names as before.