Virtual game jam - 5G for Games

Join the first virtual game jam ever where we will test your game with the 5G network in real time. Come with a team or join teams with strangers - we will help you set things up either way. The event is completely online, free and open to anyone from anywhere in the world.

What is a game jam, really?


We invite you on an adventure. Creative. Intellectual. Extremely fun. 


Several teams (consisting of at least one programmer and one artist) come together to produce a playable game from scratch using limited time and resources. 


A team can include game creators with all kinds of backgrounds - from professional developers and students to amateurs and hobbyists.  


The secret theme of the game jam will be announced on April 16, 2021. 


In order to demonstrate our hospitality, we have built a fantastic line-up of keynote speakers as well as an entertainment programme and a virtual goodie bag with gifts from our sponsors! YES! Not so common at a game jam, right? 

Still in doubt? Wait for it, we're gonna nail it now!


Just a few more arguments to win your hearts and sign-ups. All participants will:


  • foster new friendships,
  • explore new tech tools,
  • express creativity,
  • work in a team,
  • try on new roles in development,
  • put the skills to the test,
  • increase confidence and opportunities within the community,
  • contribute to the global spread of game development.


Sounds too good to be true. But the thing is… it is true! So, don’t miss out!


If you have any questions, drop us a line: ambassadors.tampere [at] gmail.com (. ) 


This event is organized in cooperation with International House Tampere, Tampere Ambassadors, Nokia Networks, HUBS and Brakesoft.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland has participated in the financing of the project. The project contributes to the goals of the national Talent Boost programme.


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