Two graduation ceremonies at TAMK

Due to the large number of graduates, TAMK will organise two subsequent graduation ceremonies at the main campus Festival hall on Saturday 8 June 2019.

The first graduation ceremony begins at 10:00. It is for students graduated from the degree programmes of Technology, Transportation and Natural Resources and the Environment between 31 December 2018–31 May 2019.

The second ceremony begins at 13:00. It is for students graduated from all other degree programmes between 31 December 2018–31 May 2019.

The contents of the two ceremonies are similar, and the total duration is approximately two hours.

  • Joint ceremony at the main auditorium, duration about an hour
  • Degree certificates and grants (rooms to be found in the programme handout)
  • Coffee and cake at Campusravita restaurant

Separate graduation ceremony invitations will not be sent, but the participation information with the number of guests has been asked on the degree certificate application form.

On the graduation ceremony day, parking is permitted on all marked parking places of TAMK. There is also paid parking in the new TAYS parking hall.

The names of the graduates who have permitted publication will be published on TAMK's website on 31 May. 

Further information: Opintotoimisto.tamk [at] tuni.fi