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TREY and Tampere University raise a flag for sexual and gender diversity

Published on 12.6.2021
Tampere University
Pride-lippua nostetaan salkoonTREY’s Board members Emmi Juolahti and Tuomas Karvonen and Vice President of Tampere University Juha Teperi raised the rainbow flag on the city centre campus on Saturday morning.
The Student Union of Tampere University (TREY) and Tampere University will raise the rainbow flag on the University’s three campuses on Saturday 12 June to show support for the LGBTQ community. By flying the flag during Pride week, we raise awareness of sexual and gender diversity and reaffirm our commitment to non-discrimination.

At Tampere University, diversity and responsibility are among our core institutional values. As set out in the University’s recently completed Equality and Non-discrimination Policy, all the members of the university community have the right to work in a safe environment and be accepted for who they are. We take into account gender diversity and the implications of different social positions for equality and non-discrimination. As stated in the policy, all the members of our community are entitled and obligated to intervene if they witness inequality or discrimination.

“We recognise that equality is an inalienable right and are committed to promoting equality not only in all of our activities but also in the broader society through our research and teaching. Without the continuous pursuit of greater equality, we would not, as an organisation and as a society, be contributing to the sustainable development goals,” President Mari Walls says.

“Flying the flag is a small measure but has a great symbolic significance. We want to showcase our commitment to the equal treatment of people of all sexual orientations and genders,” says Vice President for Research Juha Teperi, who chairs the University’s Equal Opportunities Committee.

TREY’s chair Iiris Taubert finds it important that the flying of the Pride flag, which started last year, continues at the University: “The flag is a symbol of our ongoing support for sexual and gender minorities and our genuine commitment to promoting equality within our diverse community.”

“The flag is a symbolic gesture of solidarity to those members of our community who identify with sexual or gender minorities. But what is more important is taking concrete action. Pride is, first and foremost, a campaign that shines a light on the challenges that sexual and gender minorities continue to face,” says Emmi Juolahti, TREY’s Board member responsible for equality issues.

The rainbow flags donated to the University by TREY will be flown on the three campuses of Tampere University on Saturday 12 June to mark the Manse Pride week.