TaRC's 2nd International Master Class Course "Gender, Media and Leadership: Women in Chinese and Russian Media"

TaRC's (Tampere Research Centre for Russian and Chinese Media) second international Master Class focuses on gender issues in Russian and Chinese media. Bringing together students, journalists, working professionals, activists, artists, and scholars from different countries and disciplines, the Master Class explores themes such as the representation of gender in Chinese and Russian media, the status of women in these cultural industries, and media activism related to gender issues in Russia and China.

These topics will be discussed in a number of public lectures and panels by acclaimed media professionals and scholars of gender and Russian and Chinese media throughout the Master Class week. The general public are welcome to attend these lectures and panels - no prior sign-up is required! The programme of the public events will be announced later in the autumn.

NB! This announcement is for the public events only. If you want to join the course in its entirety, you must apply for a place on the course within the deadlines (spring: May 2 - May 31; autumn: August 12 - September 15). More information on the course and guidelines for application: https://research.uta.fi/tarc/masterclass-2019/.


Tampere Research Centre for Russian and Chinese Media (TaRC)

Further information

TaRC´s coordinator Jari Väliverronen (jari.valiverronen@tuni.fi, +358 40 769 5558)