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Juvenes online bookstore will be closed 31 July 2019. At the same time, Tampere University Press has decided to stop selling its old printed books. Juvenes has been responsible for selling printed TUP books. The majority of TUP’s titles are openly available online.

Tampere University Press switched to Open Access business model in 2016. The books published after that year have not been available in print, so the closing of the online store does not affect their availability.

No new copies will be printed of books published by TUP in 1994–2015. Because of this the financial rights granted to TUP in the publishing contract are returned to the authors. If they wish, they can offer their work to another publisher for publication. If there is an agreement to publish the book online and it has already been published, the online publishing rights of TUP expire only if it is agreed between the author and the publisher by a separate agreement.

In case the book has been previously published in print only, it is possible to make a new online publishing contract and publish it as an Open Access book. However, TUP will consider on a case-by-case basis which books become online publications.

The remaining printed books from the store are for clearance sale in Linna library and at various events. You can order TUP books from Juvenes online store until the end of July.

Inquiries about the return of rights and other questions: tup [at]

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