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Tampere University is planning to outsource certain financial services and HR functions

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Tampere University is looking into the possibility to partially outsource certain financial services, payroll and fee services, travel management services and accounts receivable management services to Certia Oy as of the beginning of 2022.

The process would be managed as a business transfer, meaning that University staff that provides these services would be transferred to the service of Certia Oy as old employees. Approximately 40 employees would be transferred to Certia.

Tampere University is launching cooperation negotiations concerning centralised support staff. The initiative to launch cooperation negotiations was presented on 13 September 2021.

The business transfer would enable Tampere University to increasingly automate and enhance the effectiveness of processes in financial services and HR functions as well clarify the allocation of resources to support the University’s core operations. The services could be scaled to specifically meet the University’s needs, and the benefits of digitalisation could be utilised to their full potential.

The business transfer would be in line with Certia’s strategy to expand the delivery of services. The new contract with Tampere University and resulting business growth would strengthen Certia’s expertise of payroll and financial management in higher education institutions and enable the company to develop its core functions.

The contract to be negotiated between the University and Certia would include payroll management, fee management, accounts payable management, centralised accounts receivable and travel services. Certia has extensive practical experience of delivering these services. At the same time, Tampere University’s HR and travel management systems would become a part of Certia’s system services.

Certia is planning to set up a new office in Tampere in connection with the business transfer.

Certia Oy is a limited liability company owner by Finnish universities. Tampere University Foundation owns a share of 13.79% of the company. Certia Oy provides services to universities and universities of applied sciences and is familiar with the specific needs of higher education institutions. Certia already provides some of Tampere University’s financial management services. Currently, Certia has locations in Vaasa and Joensuu.


President Mari Walls
Tampere University
tel. +358 29 4521001

Director of Finance Patrik Marjamaa
Tampere University
+358 50 4011578

CEO Ulla Laalo
Certia Oy
tel. +358 40 7255 174

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