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Tampere University of Applied Sciences continues remote teaching until the end of the third period

Published on 13.1.2022
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
At Tampere University of Applied Sciences, teaching will mainly be delivered remotely until the end of the third period, ie 27 February 2022. However, essential in-person classes can continue to be organised.

Essential in-person classes include for example laboratory classes, simulation classes and orientation to practical training. The schools will decide on other classes which are considered essential for progress of studies.

Face masks are required during all in-person classes. Face masks will be available to students in the venue.

Teacher tutors and the wellbeing service Parvi offer support in matters related to studies and wellbeing.

Link to Parvi web sites

Use of face masks is required on campuses

Wearing a face mask is required on TAMK campuses. On the main campus, face masks and hand sanitizer are available in Teiskontie and Kuntokatu side lobbies.

Face masks available in the lobbies are primarily for students. Staff members and guests may also take an individual mask. Staff members may collect face masks for work-related use from the office supply storeroom.

Remote work recommendation

TAMK strongly recommends remote work. When working on campus, it is important to maintain safe distances and practise good hygiene. Meetings are primarily conducted remotely. In-person meetings can only be held under exceptional circumstances.

If you are infected with or exposed to the coronavirus and you have worked or attended teaching on campus, please inform your superior or teacher as soon as possible so that we can consider transferring the group to remote teaching or make other work arrangements.