Steve Bova and Matti Nykter receive Sigrid Jusélius Foundation's Large Grant

Professor of cancer pathology Steve Bova and Professor of bioinformatics Matti Nykter were awarded the Sigrid Jusélius Foundation's Large Grant for the period of 2021-2026. The total grant sum is 750 000 euros.

The study is titled Clinical Subclone Eradication in Cancer.

"Our goal is to establish a model to study both the eradication as well as resistance of the treatments at subclone level," Bova and Nykter explain.

"Almost all earlier and ongoing studies focus only on understanding the mechanisms leading to treatment resistance. We have shown that through analysis of suitable tissue and liquid biopsy samples, we can characterize both eradicated and resistant clones."

"This opens up a long-desired opportunity to identify chinks in cancer’s armor, because at the same time one can see what current therapy was capable of eradicating in the context of an individual human and human cancer (not in vitro, and not in an animal, both of which often lead to misleading results), but also one can identify features in the resistant clones that may have been mechanistically responsible for resistance, which can then be tested in the laboratory."

Sigrid Jusélius Foundation


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