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Reminder: Apply now to the UArctic’s Circumpolar Studies online autumn courses! Application deadline is 22 August 2023

Published on 14.8.2023
Tampere University
The Circumpolar Studies Programme - The coolest programme around!
The application round for the Circumpolar Studies online autumn courses is now open! The deadline for applications is 22 August 2023.

The autumn semester 2023 of the Circumpolar Studies programme will start in September and end in December 2023. Four online courses are offered in the upcoming autumn, but only the basic course has no prerequisites. These courses are worth 6 ECTS credits and are taught in English by one of the Canadian universities. Courses will be organised on a Moodle-like teaching platform and will include participants from different countries beside Canadian students. More courses will be offered later in spring 2024 and a new call for these courses will be published in the intranet. You can check the follow-up courses in spring 2024 from the registration form below.

Available online courses in autumn 2023 (September - December 2023)  

  • CS 100* - Introduction to the Circumpolar World, 6 ECTS
  • CS 311** – Land and Environment of the the Circumpolar World I, 6 ECTS
  • CS 321** – Peoples and Cultures of the the Circumpolar World I, 6 ECTS
  • CS 331** – Contemporary Issues of the the Circumpolar World I, 6 ECTS

*There are no prerequisites for the introduction course CS 100 and it is open for all new applicants. **The CS 100 is the prerequisite course for CS 311, CS 321 and CS 331. Students who have not either completed CS 100 or are not completing CS 100 in the summer semester (before September), cannot register in these courses.

Eligibility, credit transfer and an academic transcript 

Autumn courses are open for all degree students and exchange students of Tampere University (all levels). Credits will be recorded at the offering institution and may be transferred to Tampere University’s academic transcript after completion of the course. The original academic transcript will be issued by the host university and will be sent to Tampere University in 6-12 weeks after the end of the course (do not count your graduation on these credits). Studies completed in the Circumpolar Studies programme may be added to your degree (applies to degree students of TAU only), but remember to discuss the credit transfer with your faculty or degree programme first. Completing online courses in the Circumpolar Studies programme gives you a chance to include credits also to the internationalisation module of your degree (applies to degree students of TAU only).

Exchange students will receive a separate Canadian transcript of records after completing the course, but please note that it will take several weeks. Only exchange students that will study at Tampere University in the autumn semester 2023 (or full academic year 2023-24) are eligible to apply.

How to apply to the Circumpolar Studies courses

Please submit your signed (by hand or digitally) and scanned registration form before the deadline as a PDF file to the north2north programme coordinator Igor Tanskanen by 22 August 2023. The registration form can be found below, attached. Unsigned or late registration forms will not be accepted. Please use your TUNI email address and fill in the form on your computer as handwriting can be difficult to read. 

Space is limited - Tampere University will nominate you as a candidate and UArctic will make the final selection of students. If you have any questions regarding courses please email to circumpolarstudies [at]

Interested more in Arctic matters? You can also apply for exchange studies in Canada in spring 2024! The CS programme can be added to the internalisation module of your degree and gives you extra points for north2north student exchange

Completing online course (or courses) in the Circumpolar Studies programme gives degree students of Tampere University a chance to include credits to the internationalisation module of your degree and yield extra points when applying for a north2north student exchange.

Still looking for an exchange destination in spring 2024 and you are interested to go to Canada? In the autumn's supplementary application round, in September 2023, you have a chance to apply to two Canadian universities for the spring semester 2024 (Yukon University and University of Saskatchewan). Make your dream of studying abroad true!

Call for student applications: The first round of applications for the Entrepreneurship Fund is now open - deadline 27 October 2023

The UArctic Entrepreneurship Fund supports the development of new services or products in the incubator stage that have a direct, beneficial impact to the Arctic environment or Arctic communities. The first round of applications for the Entrepreneurship Fund is now open. The deadline for applications is 27 October 2023. Read more and apply on:

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