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Re-centering a De-centered Global

Tom Griffiths
Open lecture by assosiate professor Tom Griffiths, University of Newcastle

This presentation argues for a sustained focus on the global, as a necessary and, however
messy, unavoidable part of post-colonial and post-capitalist inspired projects of
liberation. Drawing on current post-colonial theorizing and world-systems analysis, the
particular nature of all constructions of universal knowledge, ideas and concepts is
acknowledged. On this grounding, it is argued that the critique of the global can and
should involve a sustained focus on the accompanying ‘de-centered global’. A critical
reading of the de-centered global is part of the work of understanding the inequalities
within and between parts of the existing capitalist world-system, and its transformation.





Tampere Network for Global and Transnational Reseach (T-Global), New Social Research Program

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