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Prabudeva Ramu won 3MT competition with his research on flexible solar gadgets

Published on 31.1.2022
Tampere University
Tampereen yliopiston vuoden 2022 3MT-pitchauskilpailun voittajaPrabudeva Ramu is the second winner ever in Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition at Tampere University. The first winner was Veera Koskue in 2021. Photo: Jonne Renvall / Tampere University
Doctoral researcher Prabudeva Ramu won the international Three Minute Thesis (3MT) pitching competition in Tampere Univeristy with his photonics research. Ramu summed up his research on effective and flexible multi-junction solar cells to just three minutes.

The 3MT competition was organised for the second time by Tampere University. In the final, the doctoral researchers summarised their research topics for the audience at the Tiedon valoa event. The winner Prabudeva Ramu is working on his doctoral dissertation at Optoelectronics Research Centre, in photonics laboratory at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. Ropafadzo Mzezewa, who studies modeling epilepsy at Neuro Group at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology, was chosen as the receiver of the People’s Choice Award.

The jury was impressed by Prabudeva Ramu’s positive and dynamic performance. According to the judges, his presentation was easy to follow and brilliantly visualized. The judges also praised the social significance of Ramu’s research topic.

"I had the priviledge to share the stage with the most inspiring finalists from different fields. I enjoyed the whole journey," Prabudeva Ramu says.

Although happy for his victory, Ramu said he did not expect it. As the most important take-aways from the 3MT experience, he names self-confidence and improved timing.

"I was just thinking the three-minute time limit! On the other hand, it was easy for me to present as I’m also a dancer in an extraordinary Bollywood/Kollywood dance team in Tampere," Ramu ponders.

According to Matias Nurminen, Senior Specialist in Innovation Culture and coordinator of the 3MT competition at Tampere University, the pitching contest challenges researchers to crystallize and to communicate their research in a clear yet inspiring way.

"This year the contestants seem the be even more well versed in popularizing science. By reaching out to our audiences, we ensure true impact and dialogue with a wider society," he says.

Pitching skills can be an advantage in negotiations

The competition was again a big success in Tampere. About 40 doctoral researchers were interested in the competition, and 15 videos were submitted for the semifinal.

The finalists received coaching for the finals from university’s own coaching experts, who were happy to see how training made young researchers flourish.

"The finalists did such admirable work on preparing and rehearsing their research pitches. They were all focused on how to serve the listener best –which example, which illustration would make their core idea clear and tangible," praises communication coach Ira Virtanen from the Doctoral School.

"It is awesome to see and hear how our young researchers improved their pitches over the time and by training. Giving a presentation in just three minutes is much harder task than making longer speeches, and this skill of focusing and arousing an interest is very much needed nowadays. I bet we will hear from them!" adds impact coach Leena Köppä from Research and Innovation Services.

Ramu’s research on solar cells promotes sustainable development

Prabudeva Ramu’s research focuses on process development of high efficiency multi-junction solar cells.

"These solar cells are manufactured in thin-film configuration and new functionality such as flexibility. This approach opens new possibilities for a wide range of applications like solar gadgets and any portable electronic systems including satellites. The advanced solar cell technology promises sustainable energy solutions for the future," he explains.

3MT final competition was held on January 29, 2022, as part of Tiedon valoa event.

You can watch the finalists’ pitches on online event recording until February 12, 2022.

Further information

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Text: Anna Aatinen
Photo: Jonne Renvall

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