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Pedagogical love in Chile - International Programme in Innovation and Educational Leadership

Published on 27.8.2019
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Educational love in Chile
TAMK and UCN kicked of a pioneer programme for educating Chilean school leaders on development and implementation of innovation.

The first three days of pedagogical love in Antofagasta, Chile, are behind us. The experience has been enriching and motivating for both trainers and participants. An enthusiastic group of 25 school leaders and principals of the region takes part in the pioneer programme. The main objective is development and implementation of innovation. Implementation of change projects in regional schools takes place within the programme, promoting development of a structural and methodological change in their education system.

TAMK and Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) kicked off the programme on Friday 23 August in the presence of local authorities, financing parties, participants and teacher students of the region. The Finnish authorities from the Embassy of Finland in Chile were also present.

Juha Lahtinen from TAMK School of Professional Teacher Education was in charge of the first module called Contemporary Learning Environments and Educational Culture. A total of three modules will be delivered within the next year by TAMK teachers.

"Setting the starting point for this programme has been about sharing and caring, building trust among participants, learning about cooperative learning and teaching and competences for the future", states Juha.

Feedback of the first days is extremely positive with comments like

“In a process like this, one starts naming the things and changes observed in the educational environment.”

“Reflecting on different alternatives and learning from each other make one lose the fear of sharing and make things happen.”

“The trust has been implemented during these days.”

Towards the end of October when the second TAMK module called Change in Leadership Skills in Education by Päivi Mayor begins, it will be interesting to see and follow through our joint platform what the participants have achieved in their local development groups.

TAMK Global Education has put a lot of effort to enter into the Chilean market. It is an interesting market as we have more things in common than at first sight might appear. Many other new initiatives in different areas of TAMK expertise are under construction at this moment with our partners in Chile.

Written by Virpi Heinonen, TAMK EDU, Global Education Team

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