Opening week: Concert for staff (AVEC) and Tampere Alumni: Saimaa

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A concert by the symphonic progressive rock band Saimaa lead by musical maestro Matti Mikkola offers a celebration of music for the members of the TAU & TAMK staff and their companions and Tampere Alumni.

As places are limited, please register now!

Saimaa provides a fresh alternative to the mainstream music. They have published four albums:

  • award winning and popular collaboration with Pepe Willberg, "Pepe & Saimaa" (2014)
  • cover versions "Matka mielen ytimeen" (2015)
  • theme album Urheilu-Suomi (2017) as a co-production with YLE for the documetary series Urheilu-Suomi
  • joint album of Pyhimys and Saimaa, "Olisinpa täällä" (2019).  

See also other events of the opening week of Tampere Universities. Most of these events are open to all.  

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