Open lecture by Jennifer Patico (Georgia State University): Childhood and transformation of educationl institutions – Russian teachers’ perspective

Open lecture offered for students across disciplines, supported by the Faculty of Education an Culture, Tampere University and “Expertise in Russian and Eastern European Studies” MA programme, Aleksanteri Institute/University of Helsinki.

In this lecture Dr. Patico will draw on her ethnographic fieldwork in St. Petersburg, Russia, which explored how schoolteachers in the city navigated a changing economic and moral landscape in the early years of postsocialism. For example, teachers tended to be wary of the “New Russians” who were suddenly accumulating wealth through commerce and who were the butt of many popular jokes. At school, teachers also came to face to face with this new wealth – through the parents of their students – and with challenges to their own institutional and moral authority as teachers. The lecture will examine how post-Soviet teachers’ values and expectations surrounding “culturedness,” education and social status linked their professional lives with their broader senses of class and consumer identity.

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Nelli Piattoeva (nelli.piattoeva@tuni.fi)