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Open lecture by Fulbright Professor Cecelia Lynch

Fulbright Professor Cecelia Lynch (University of California, Irvine)

Critiques of Global Humanitarian and Development Aid: Is "Nordic Exceptionalism" an Alternative?

Critics of humanitarianism and development cite a number of problems that make aid inefficient, an unwitting tool of militarized politics, or inegalitarian. Criticisms include  top-down, donor-driven programs, lack of genuine partnerships with beneficiaries and organizations "on-the-ground," privileging of technical knowledge over history and context, misguided metrics, and paternalistic and racialized representations of beneficiaries. In this talk, Prof. Lynch outlines a number of these critiques from recent literature (including those of the CIHA Blog. She then outlines elements of the "Nordic model" of aid and asks, whether it is a framework whose time has come and gone, or whether it contains elements that can still address inequities in aid relationships.

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Tampere University International Relations and Tampere Peace Research Institute (TAPRI)

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