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No(w) Brighter Future? Power, Knowledge and Gender in the EU Institutions

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Welcome to the research seminar “Power, Knowledge and Gender in the EU Institutions”. The seminar addresses multiple relations between gender, power and knowledge in the European Union institutions and the situation of feminist politics in the EU. How are power and expertise gendered in the EU and how do gendered power relations and hierarchies shape the practices and policies of the EU institutions? What forms of knowledge and knowledge productions determine the institutions’ policies? Is the future bright or dim for feminist politics in the EU?

In the seminar Professor Petra Meier (University of Antwerpen, Belgium), Professor Päivi Leino-Sandberg (University of Helsinki, Finland) and Dr. Rosalind Cavaghan's (Caledonian University, UK) presentations will provide answers to these questions.
The seminar is organised around the research visits of Petra Meier and Rosalind Cavaghan by ERC funded research project EUGenDem, Gender Studies, Tampere University.

Professor Petra Meier: *Gender*Power*? On the multiple relations between gender and power in the European Parliament
Professor Päivi Leino-Sandberg: Making power visible in the EU institutions
Dr Rosalind Cavaghan: Gendered politics of knowledge in EU economic governance


EUGenDem research project