New journals in Get It Now article service available in April

Copyright Clearance Center
Get It Now is a service maintained by Copyright Clearance Center. The staff of Tampere Universities and Tays can use it to order articles that are not included in the Library’s e-collections. Get It Now further improves the availability of scientific e-journals.

From March 2021, Get It Now service has been available to the staff of Tampere Universities and Tays.  You are able to find the option to order when you search for an article via Andor search service and are signed in with your TUNI account or Tays remote access account.

All of 51 multidisciplinary journals published by Annual Reviews are now available in Get It Now.

You’ll find more information from Alternative Access guide. Please contact hankinta.kirjasto [at] (Library’s Acquisitions Team) for any questions.

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