Narrative studies seminar, spring 2022

From spring 2022, Research Centre Narrare continues presenting and discussing contemporary narrative studies to bring together those who study narratives in TAU. Our Narrative studies seminar is open for everyone with a research interest in narratives. The aim is to create multi- and interdisciplinary discussion on data, methods, theories and the state of research on narratives.

The seminar will gather on Tuesdays at 4.00–5.00 pm. The presenter will give a half an hour introduction to their topic and the latter half of the seminar is reserved for general discussion. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the seminar will gather only via distance meeting until the end of February. You can join the seminar via Zoom or follow the livestream version via Narrare’s Facebook page. We will follow the Tampere Universities’ instructions concerning the Covid-19 situation and update the programme once we know if the seminar can later be organized as a hybrid event. The seminar program and link to the event can be found below. You can use the same link for attending every seminar gathering during the spring semester. If a password is required when joining the Zoom event, it is “Narrare”.

If you have any questions or problems regarding technical issues related to the seminar, you can be in contact with Narrare coordinator Anna Kuutsa (anna.kuutsa [at] tuni.fi). 

You are warmly welcome to discuss with others what narratives and their research is and could be! 


Link to the Zoom event: 





16.00–17.00 Tuomas Harviainen, Associate Professor, Information studies: "Founding myths of the Finnish game development community" 

Link to the Zoom event: https://tuni.zoom.us/j/63289533800?pwd=dy82QVVGYkpSdjdpSVBGV3ZvdHdrdz09  



16.00–17.00 Samuli Björninen, University Lecturer, Literary studies: ”Narrative Strategies in Conspiracy Theories: Emplotment, Narrativization and Counter-Narratives” 



16.00–17.00 Mari Hatavara, Director of Narrare & Professor, Finnish literature: “Telling and Retelling a Historical Event. Narrativizing the Collapse of the Soviet Union in Finnish Parliamentary Talk” 



16.00–17.00 Matti Hyvärinen, Research Director, Social sciences & Ville Kivimäki, Senior Research Fellow, History: ”Forging a Master Narrative for a Nation: Finnish History as a Script during the Second World War” 



16.00–17.00 Anna Kuutsa, PhD Researcher, Finnish literature & Coordinator of Narrare: Puheen esitysten persoonamuodot ja yhteiskunnallinen tematiikka Maria Jotunin proosatuotannossa 



16.00–17.00 Paula Rossi, Assistant Professor, Public management, University of Vaasa: “Encounters between humans and technology: Exploring the stories about information system development in Finnish social and healthcare services” 



16.00–17.00 Jari Stenvall, Professor, Administrative science & Tony Kinder: TBA 


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