Mindset changers: Raisa Foster "ECO - Justice and Art"

Mindset changers: Raisa Foster "ECO - Justice and Art"


The third, final, lecture in the mini-series "Mindsetbchangers" is given by Raisa Foster, a well-known multidisciplinary artist and scholar in Finland. In her artistic research, she embedded the topic of otherness, including gender identity, (dis)ability, and interspecies empathy. In 2015–2017, Foster was leading the Art-Eco research project on empathetic-ecological humanity, which was funded by Kone Foundation. Moreover, her performances and media works have been exhibited in Finland, Iceland, Australia, Italy, Mexico, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the USA. Lastly, Foster's film Sounds of Grey (2016) was an official selection of the Loikka on Tour program in 2018—2019, and her video work Lupina (2016) is in the collection of Tampere Art Museum. 

Link to Raisa Foster's work: https://www.raisafoster.com/


The event will include a lecture by Raisa Foster followed by an interview, in which we will cover topics of different forms of modern art and its potential value on social and ecological justice and well-being. In the end, there will also be an engaging Q&A that you can take part in!


Come along and join us in Tampere University and learn from the inspiring scholar. If you support environmental impact and promoting sustainability – this event is PERFECT for you!

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