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A manual gives international perspective on wellbeing technology teaching

Published on 15.9.2021
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
3 naista istuu sohvallaImplementers of the TeamWe project. From the left, Senior Lecturer Hanne Mäki-Hakola from TAMK, Project Manager Anne Patana from Tredu and Senior Lecturer Nina Eskola-Salin from TAMK.
More and more digital solutions and engineering competence are needed in nursing both in Finland and internationally because the population is aging and need for services is growing. Finland has a good basis for developing solutions. The digital manual of the TeamWe project will give teachers ideas on wellbeing technology teaching.

“The manual includes methodological starting points and ideas on how for example flipped learning can be implemented in multinational student teams using team learning and teaching,” tell Project Manager and Senior Lecturer Anne Patana from Tredu and Senior Lecturer Nina Eskola-Salin from Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Professional Teacher Education.

The project started in autumn 2019 and is a continuation of the Well-tech project. Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Professional Teacher Education and Tampere Vocational College Tredu join their competences in the TeamWe, Team Teaching in Welfare Technology, project.

The manual offers client cases for teachers’ use in phenomenon-based learning. The client cases are invigorated by virtual 360° photographs from clients’ homes.

The project participants also comprise the professional educational institutions Deltion College from Holland and CIFP Meka from the Basque Country as well as a professional innovation and applied research centre Tknika from the Basque Country.

Students and teachers from different countries and fields

The key question to answer is how wellbeing technology can support elderly people’s wellbeing. Social and health care, engineering and media teachers and students from Finland, Holland and the Basque Country focus on the matter in the project.

“Students consider technological solution possibilities in multinational and multidisciplinary groups. Pedagogical solutions use for example joint teacherhood, service design, flipped teaching, team learning and case-based learning,” Eskola-Salin and Patana tell.

The role of digitality has become especially important in multidisciplinary and multinational cooperation. The joint language of the project is English. Senior Lecturer Hanne Mäki-Hakola, who works as the pedagogical expert of the project, is a strong advocate of dialogue.

“The project offers teacher education students the possibility to complete their development projects and teaching practice in an international project,” rejoices Eskola-Salin.

Now in the autumn, the project works on the manual and prepares for a multinational and multidisciplinary meeting of teachers and students in Tampere later in the autumn semester.

TeamWe is a project funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership (SP) programme. The funding period is 1 September 2019 – 31 December 2022.

Further information:

Nina Eskola-Salin, Project Manager, Senior Lecturer, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Professional Teacher Education, nina.eskola-salin [at],  tel. +358 40 8290 797

Anne Patana, Project Manager, Senior Lecturer, Tampere Vocational College Tredu, anne.patana [at], tel. +358 40 0276 191

Project description on the website (in Finnish)