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The last chance! RefWorks reference management software contract expire on 31.12.2021 - save your references now!

Published on 16.12.2021
Tampere Universities
TAMK valmistuminen joulukuu 2021 -kuvituskuva.
The RefWorks reference management programme contract expires at the end of 2021. RefWorks users have to move their references out of the programme during December and save them somewhere else. If you need advice on the transfer of references, you can familiarize yourself with the library's instructions.


The current RefWorks order of Tampere University Library is valid until December 31, 2021, after which RefWorks will no longer be available via Tampere University Library. RefWorks also does not sell individual, personal licenses, so you might want to save your references either to another reference management programme or elsewhere before 2022.

How do I transfer my reference to another program?

If you want to keep your RefWorks references, transfer them to another reference management software by the end of the year. You can transfer your references in RIS format. Save the attachments (e.g., PDF files) of the references separately on your computer. If you have used a Word add-on (RefWorks Citation Manager or Write-n-Cite), you cannot switch to another program for the same Word file. For more information on reference transfer and other reference management software, see the Library's Reference Management Guide at

Zotero information session 2022

Tampere University Library will organize Zotero information sessions in spring 2022. The exact dates will be announced in January.

Questions about reference management?

Contact us using the library's feedback form