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JoVE available for trial use until 7th November

Published on 10.10.2019
Tampere Universities
Tampere Universities students and staff have now two new academic video service platforms available for trial use.

JoVE Journal of Visual Experiments and JoVE Science Education Videos are available for trial use at Tampere Universities and Tays until 7th November. JoVE is the first peer-reviewed service that provides only scientific videos.

The Video Journal covers these subject fields: Behaviour, Chemistry, Genetics, Biochemistry, Developmental Biology, Immumology and Infection, Bioengineering, Engineering, Medicine, Biology, Environment, Neuroscience and Cancer Research.

The Science Education Videos cover these subject fields: Basic Biology, Advanced Biology, Physics, Engineering, Chemistry, Clinical Skills, Environmental Sciences, Psychology, Lab Manual and Core.

You can access JoVE on their website using the computers on campus or Eduroam wireless network. Remote access is not available.

Please review JoVE and send us feedback through email hankinta.kirjasto [at]

More information: Information service adviser Johanna Nummi, Johanna.nummi [at]