Joint application: Tampere University is the most popular in Finland

Joint application: Tampere University is the most popular in Finland
In the second joint application round to Finnish higher education, Tampere University was the most popular among applicants for the first time. The number of applicants was 32,281. The University offers more than 3,300 study places.

In the second joint application round, a total of 32,281 applications were submitted (2020: 31,673). Preferred applications to Tampere University numbered 12,879 (2020: 12,732). The numbers grew slightly from the previous year. The University of Helsinki had the second largest number of applicants.

At Tampere University, Finnish-language bachelor’s, bachelor’s and master’s, and master’s programmes were open for application.

As in the previous years, the most favourite programmes among bachelor’s and bachelor’s and master’s programmes were the licentiate of medicine programme (1,567), business studies (1,378) and psychology (987). Class teacher training, administrative sciences and social research were also widely popular.

Among the master’s programmes, the most popular programme was the Master’s Programme in Management and Information Technology at Pori (225). In the programme, flexible forms of study support combining work and studying, and teaching is mainly conducted online. Popular programmes also included the master’s programmes in social work, work and well-being, responsible business, and business management.

This spring, it was possible to apply to a new Degree Programme in Automation Engineering organised by Tampere University and the University of Eastern Finland in Joensuu and Kuopio, to which 79 preferential applications were submitted. The programme is organised in co-operation with the University of Eastern Finland with the Karelia and Savonia universities of applied science acting as partners.

“Applicant numbers show that Tampere University continues to be regarded an inviting and attractive place to study. It is delightful that there is such high interest in the programmes organised in Pori, Seinäjoki, Joensuu and Kuopio,” says Vice President for Education Marja Sutela.

Admission results published step by step

In the second joint application round to higher education, some students are admitted based on their matriculation exams. Admissions based on the school diploma will mainly be published before the entrance exams on the service by 31 May at the latest.

In the application to master’s programmes, students who have completed a suitable prior university degree are selected directly to the programme. These admissions are primarily based on the application documents submitted by the applicant.

Other admission results will be published by 9 July on the service.

Entrance exams are carefully planned with strict safety measure

Like other universities, Tampere University is planning to organise entrance examinations on-site on the city centre and Hervanta campuses. Changes to the way the exams are carried out can only be made if required by safety instructions issued by the authorities.  Strict safety measures will be applied in the exams.

Careful safety arrangements including wearing face masks are applied to offer all applicants a safe way to participate in the exams. Universities have published safety instructions that address, among other things, applicants’ travel to the exams and the measures undertaken on campuses during the exams.

Further information to applicants on the application process and entrance exams is provided by the Admission Services: hakijapalvelut.tau [at], 0294 520 400 (Mon–Fri at 12-14).

Further information on Tampere University’s entrance exams is available on: (in Finnish)

Applicants’ safety instructions in the entrance exams of spring 2021 (in Finnish)

Further information on applicant numbers: Vipunen Education Statistics in Finland

Vice President, Education Marja Sutela, tel. 040 721 5204, marja.sutela [at]
Head of Admission Services Meeri Oikemus, tel. 040 849 0594, meeri.oikemus [at]


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