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In the second joint application for higher education, Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) had 18,452 applicants. As regards the number of applicants, TAMK was the second most popular university of applied sciences in Finland. Only Metropolia University of Applied Sciences had more applicants than TAMK.

In the second joint application, TAMK’s number of applicants rose by 2.4% compared to spring 2020. The number of primary applicants was 7643. There were on average 4.3 primary applicants per study place.

Based on the number of primary applicants, TAMK’s most popular degree programmes were the Degree Programme in Business Administration followed by the Degree Programme in Social Services. 

Significant growth can be seen in several fields: the number of primary applicants to the Degree Programme in Construction Engineering rose by 24% and to the Degree Programme in Construction Architecture by over 30%. In the field of health care, the number of primary applicants to the Degree Programme in Midwifery rose by almost 15%. The number of primary applicants to the Degree Programme in Music with specialisation in Music Theatre rose by 25%.

As before, the most popular master’s degree programme was the Master’s Degree Programme in Management of Health Care and Social Services.

TAMK offered 1790 study places in studies beginning in the autumn. Some of the places are reserved for first-time applicants.

“The number of applicants to TAMK continued to rise, which tells about attraction of our degree programmes and applicants’ belief in competence produced by UAS education. It is delightful that TAMK kept its position as one of the most popular higher education institutions,” tells TAMK’s Vice President  Päivi Karttunen.  

Admission criteria for bachelor’s degrees 

Certificate-based admission was used in all fields of education (except for culture) in spring 2021. In degree programmes using certificate-based admission, more than half of students are admitted based on their matriculation examination or vocational upper secondary qualification. Results of the certificate-based admission are usually published before the entrance examination but at the latest on 31 May 2021 on the Studyinfo service.

In addition to certificate-based admission, students are also admitted through entrance examinations. After the student admission reform, entrance examinations no longer require long preparation.

The study place can also be received based on open UAS studies. It is possible to apply for open UAS path studies in the summer. Further information:

After completing the path studies, it is possible to apply for a degree student through the so-called open path application. 

Entrance examinations at turn of May-June

Most of TAMK’s degree programmes use the national digital entrance examination. It takes place in facilities assigned by universities of applied sciences on eight separate days on 31 May – 9 June 2021. Applicants chose the examination place and time on their application form. Universities of applied sciences aim at an admission procedure which guarantees applicants’ equal treatment and safe organisation of entrance examinations.

TAMK will organise eight examination sessions on its main campus at Kuntokatu 3. Approximately 8,000 examination participants will arrive at TAMK. The examinations are organised in compliance with the authorities’ health and safety guidelines. The national cooperation group on entrance examinations prepared joint guidelines for organisation of the entrance examination and each university of applied sciences is in charge of its safety arrangements. TAMK has organised entrance examinations twice during the pandemic.

An assignment, interview or course is used as admission criteria in master’s degree programmes in the field of culture and business. 

Up-to-date information on student admission and entrance examinations:

Tampere Universities’ website at (in Finnish)

Studyinfo service at 

Further information for applicants on the application process and entrance examinations is provided by TAMK’s Admission Services: 
admissions.tamk [at] 
tel. +358 294 520 444 (Mon-Fri at 12.00-14.00) 

Further information: 

Vice President Päivi Karttunen, +358 50 568 5358, paivi.karttunen [at]
Head of Student Recruitment Services Marjo Korhonen, +358 40 809 3510, marjo.korhonen [at]

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