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International Week for Business and Services & TAMK Global Education Department

Tampere University of Applied Sciences
LocationKuntokatu 3, 33520 Tampere
18.3.2019 9.00–16.00
The nature of developing education today is about cooperation, sharing and crossing borders. These characteristics are visible in different levels and forms: individual study modules, various kinds of exchanges, curriculum developments – just to mention few.

During IWBAS2019, we will focus on following topics:

  • What are the most popular methods to import and export education nowadays and what is the reason for their popularity? Is there a possibility that has not been discovered yet?
  • What are the outcomes of educational exchange concerning internationalization of curriculum, intercultural learning, and development of personnel's competence? How about the challenges?
  • Exporting Finnish education – reflecting strengths through example cases.  


There will be a 120 eur fee that will cover the programme plus additional evening activities.


Senior Lecturer Ms Mari Rytisalo
Tel. +358 40 631 6301
mari.rytisalo [at]

Updated 25.01.2019