International Week for Business and Services & TAMK Global Education Department

The nature of developing education today is about cooperation, sharing and crossing borders. These characteristics are visible in different levels and forms: individual study modules, various kinds of exchanges, curriculum developments – just to mention few.

During IWBAS2019, we will focus on following topics:

  • What are the most popular methods to import and export education nowadays and what is the reason for their popularity? Is there a possibility that has not been discovered yet?
  • What are the outcomes of educational exchange concerning internationalization of curriculum, intercultural learning, and development of personnel's competence? How about the challenges?
  • Exporting Finnish education – reflecting strengths through example cases.  


There will be a 120 eur fee that will cover the programme plus additional evening activities.


Senior Lecturer Ms Mari Rytisalo
Tel. +358 40 631 6301
mari.rytisalo [at]

Updated 25.01.2019