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Fair trade universities support the development of climate-friendly farming practices

Published on 25.10.2021
Tampere Universities
Kaksi hymyilevää opiskelijaa pitää käsissää kylttiä, jossa lukee englanniksi: "Opiskelemme Reilun kaupan yliopistossa."
Tampere Universities participate in the international Fair Trade Week to support farmers as they adopt more climate-friendly practices.

“Tampere Universities are committed to sustainable development and global responsibility. Choosing Fair Trade when visiting the campus food outlets and buying groceries is a small step we can all take to help small-scale farmers and protect the environment,” says Matias Nurminen, senior specialist in sustainable development at Tampere University. 

Tampere Universities received the Fair Trade campus designation in 2019. The designation means, among other things, that Fair Trade coffee and tea is automatically served when catering on-campus events and meetings. We also support Fair Trade by participating in the annual Fair Trade Week. During this time, a variety of Fair Trade promotional products are available at campus restaurants. 

This year the campaign raises awareness of the effects of climate change on agriculture and what Fair Trade producers are doing to adopt climate-friendly farming practices. 

Climate change threatens coffee production 

Climate change is affecting the daily lives and livelihoods of farmers all over the world. Especially vulnerable to climate change are smallholders who can potentially lose their livelihood after one bad crop. Climate change is a threat to the production of coffee, cocoa, bananas, cotton and roses, among other things. Fair Trader producers receive training that helps them adapt to the changing climate and make the transition to low-carbon production. 

Coffee is among the crops that are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels cause coffee plants to drop their flowers too soon and increase the spread of pests. Fair Trade farmers have responded, for example, by planting more resilient coffee varieties and have succeeded in improving coffee yields and making their crops better able to withstand changing weather conditions. 

The Fair Trade Week takes place between 25 October to 31 October 2021. 

Read more on Fairtrade Finland’s website

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Matias Nurminen, senior specialist in sustainable development at Tampere University, matias.nurminen [at]