EuroLics workshop 16-17.8

Registration deadline:
August 16-17, 2019
University of Tampere

In connection to the Globelics Academy 2019, a two half-days EuroLics
workshop will be organized on 16-17 August 2019, in Tampere University.

The workshop will be divided into two half-day sessions, the Friday afternoon session devoted to Industry 4.0, and the Saturday morning session to Sustainability and Innovation Systems.

Venue: Tampere University main campus, Pinni B, lecture hall 1097

Registration no later than 13 August 2019, to https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/eurolics2019

The workshop is free of charge. The attendants will take care of
their travel and accommodation by themselves, except for the GA2019
students and lecturers. Coffee will be served along with something to eat!

EuroLics is the agronym for the European Network of Scholars working
on Learning, Innovation and Competence -building Systems. A principal
objective of EuroLics is to understand local, national and regional
systems in Europe in a context of a globalising economy and to embed
implications more clearly in research and policy discussions.


More information on EuroLics: http://www.eurolics.org/


Innovation studies group (ISG) and Globelics organization

Further information

Mika Kautonen (mika.kautonen@tuni.fi)