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Enroll on Eye on TAMK 2021 by 14 March

Published on 8.3.2021
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Eye on TAMK 2021-enroll
Now is the time to enroll for TAMK’s joint International Week, Eye On TAMK 2021. Deadline to enroll is 14 March.

This year’s joint International Week will better enable multidisciplinary activities and the participants will find interesting and new, perhaps even unexpected, opportunities. Enroll on Eye on TAMK 2021 Online Week by 14 March.

Tools such as virtual rooms and Zoom chats will be used to encourage the audiences to participate and have live discussions both during sessions and the breaks or the evening programme.

“We aim to create a welcoming atmosphere for relaxed interaction between the participants,” comments Krista Merikoski, Coordinator in TAMK International Services.

Inspiring keynote speakers

The week’s participants will have the opportunity to tune in for two enthusiastic keynote speakers who will discuss expectations and opportunities for the future, and inspire everyone to lead change in their own communities.

On Monday, 22 March, the week begins with Tapio Kujala. The new CEO and President of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and Doctor of Social Sciences, shares his thoughts about the future prospects of education and society. Tapio Kujala’s motto is “The future does not happen, we create it (together)!”

On Friday, 26 March, Perttu Pölönen, futurist, inventor and author, closes the week. He has studied future technologies at Singularity University, based at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, co-founded an edtech company in Myanmar, written two books and won EU’s biggest science competition for youth. In 2018 MIT Tech Review honored him among the 35 Innovators Under 35 in Europe.

Rich academic and cultural programme

The joint International Week is all about crossing over. Participants can follow a track based on their field or pick and choose session from all topics: Business, Engineering, Non-Teaching Staff, Languages & Communication, Teacher Education, Physiotherapy, Biomedical Laboratory Science, Health & Social Services.

As the world is changing, higher education institutions need to develop new ways of learning and developing multidisciplinary skills. Both students, lecturers and staff can benefit by being agile and adapting fast to new developments.

“I am looking forward to the lecture on Microscopy and Imaging in Forensic Science given by Prof. Dr. Mahesh Uttamlal from Glasgow Caledonian University, UK (in the Engineering track),” exclaims Riku-Matti Kinnunen, International Coordinator for Engineering and in charge of the Academic Tracks in Eye on TAMK 2021.

To replace the usual evening social programme of TAMK International Weeks, this year the cultural programme includes music performances and movies by TAMK students. The participants will have the opportunity to interact and network, and enjoy a glimpse of Finland.

“It is not the same thing to be at your home and try to get into the party mood in your track suit, perhaps, but we hope everyone will tune in and be a part of our world at the same time,” concludes Krista Merikoski.

Eye on TAMK 2021 general programme

The full schedule is updated on the event webpage.
Enroll on Eye on TAMK 2021 Online Week by 14 March.

Academic Track: Mr. Riku-Matti Kinnunen, Senior Lecturer, International Coordinator
TAMK International Services and International Coordinators

Further information:
Krista Merikoski, Organisation of the week, Erasmus+ Documentation & Practical Matters, staffexchange.tamk [at]