Dancing with Lenin: The Trouble of Writing a Doctoral Thesis

TAPRI Thematic Doctoral Seminar - presentation by Oscar Hidalgo

In this session, Oscar Hidalgo will talk us in a critical way on the advancement of his doctoral project and on the work that still remains to be accomplished. Oscar also proposes us an exciting title for his presentation.

Besides a deep understanding of the particularities Lenin had with his relations to the Communist party, Oscar presumes the difficulties of producing a doctoral dissertation as dancing steps imagined by V.I.Lenin “one step forward, two steps back”. 

After the discussion on his thesis, Oscar proposes to deliver us his understanding on political evolution in Spain, with a special regard on Catalonia.

There is still room for one more presentation in the December session of our “TAPRI Thematic Doctoral Seminar” that takes place Wednesday, 18th December 2019 in Tampere University Seminar Room E-113b at 13h00.



Tapri/Tuomo Melasuo

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