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Brexit, Citizenship and Sovereignty: A Short Analysis of the Court of Justice’s Judgment on the Revocation of Article 50 TEU

Speakers Series open lecture by Professor Jo Shaw, New Social Research Programme of Tampere Unversity

Since the judgment of the Court of Justice in the so-called Wightman case, referred by the Scottish courts, we now have some insights into what the process of withdrawal from the European Union looks like from a legal perspective. In its judgment, the Court emphasised the sovereignty of the withdrawing state and also noted the impacts of withdrawal upon all EU citizens. This paper will analyse some of the issues that this raises for issues of sovereignty and citizenship in what has been called the UK’s “troubled membership” of the European Union.

Speakers Series Spring 2019

Time: Every second Tuesday, at 16.15-17.45
Place: Pinni B building lecture hall B1096, Kanslerinrinne 1

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Dr Anitta Kynsilehto, NSR
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Professor Johanna Kantola, SOC
02.04. From Social Interaction to Digital Connectivity: Processes of Mediatization and the Transformation of the Self
Professor Rainer Winter, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
16.04. Freedom of Movement - White Privilege or Universal Human Right?
Dr Jukka Könönen, IASR
14.05. From Anti-gender Wars to Black Protests: Recent Gendered Political Mobilizations in Poland
Dr Barbara Gaweda, IASR

The Speakers Series is a series of Studia Generalia Lectures in the Study of Society organized weekly by Tampere University Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR) in cooperation with the New Social Research Programme (NSR). The lectures are given by the Research Fellows as well as the distinguished guests of the IASR and the NSR.

For the programme, please check the IASR website. Most doctoral students can also get 2 ECTS for attending a minimum of six IASR Lectures, altogether 6 ECTS at the maximum. These 2 ECTS for attending 6 lectures can be earned during two successive terms.