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The call for applications for admission to Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences through the alternative Open University route includes 103 options in the spring of 2021. The call for applications will open on 3 May and close on 17 May 2021 at 15.00.

You are eligible for apply for admission to the available programmes if you have earned the required number of credits by completing applicable courses at the Open University or the Open University of Applied Sciences. The minimum number of credits and other eligibility criteria are included in the admission requirements.

Tampere University has 37 programmes (35 Finnish-language and 2 English-language programmes) available for application through the Open University route. Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) has 66 programmes available, 12 of them English-language programmes. Of the programmes offered by TAMK, 47 lead to a bachelor’s degree and 19 to a master’s degree conferred by a university of applied sciences (UAS).  

Applications are also invited from students who are seeking to transfer to Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences. 

Students who are looking to transfer to a different higher education institution or change their degree programme are eligible to apply for transfer. Students whose transfer application is accepted will transfer to another higher education institution or a different degree programme within their current institution. Transfer applicants can apply for admission to 42 programmes, two of which are English-language programmes, at Tampere University. Applicants seeking transfer to TAMK can only apply for admission to programmes leading to a UAS degree. Of the 35 options available at TAMK, 5 are English-language programmes.  


Admissions Office at Tampere University:
tel. +358 294 520 400 (Mon–Fri at 12–14), hakijapalvelut.tau [at]

Admissions Office at Tampere University of Applied Sciences:  
tel. +358 294 520 444 (Mon-Fri at 12–14), hakijapalvelut.tamk [at]

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