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Mira Käkönen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Tampere Institute for Advanced Study
Tampere University
phone number+358504431550
City Centre Campus

Research topics

Environmental governance, climate change, rivers and deltas, hydrosocial relations, vulnerability, politics of knowledge, expertise and infrastructure, co-production of resources and power formations, large dams, green economy, carbon markets

Research areas: Southeast Asia, Mekong Region, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam

Research fields

Political ecology, global development studies, power analytics, social studies of infrastructure, political geography

Selected publications

Käkönen, M. (2022) Resurgent dams: shifting power formations, persistent harms, and obscured responsibilities Globalizations.

Käkönen, M. (2020) Fixing the fluid: Making Resources and ordering hydrosocial relations in the Mekong Region . Doctoral dissertation. Helsinki: University of Helsinki. 

Käkönen, M. and Thuon, T. (2019) Overlapping zones of exclusion: carbon markets, corporate hydropower enclaves and timber extraction in Cambodia. The Journal of Peasant Studies 46(6), 1192-1218. 

Käkönen, M. (2019) Ympäristökysymykset ja valtasuhteet Mekongin alueella [Environmental power relations in the Mekong Region]. In E. Kettunen (Ed.) Kaakkois-Aasia: Talous, ympäristö ja yhteiskunta [Southeast Asia: Economy, environment and society]. Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 144-166.

Lebel, L., Käkönen, M., Dany, V., Lebel, P., Try, T. & Voladet, S. (2018) The framing and governance of climate change adaptation projects in Lao PDR and Cambodia. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics 18:3, 429–446.  

Räsänen, A., Juhola, S., Monge, A., Käkönen, M., Kanninen, M. and Nygren, A. (2017) Identifying mismatches between institutional perceptions of water-related risk drivers and water management strategies in three river basin areas. Journal of Hydrology 550, 704-715  

Räsänen, A., Juhola, S., Nygren, A., Käkönen, M., Monge Monge A. and Kanninen M. (2016) Climate change, multiple stressors and human vulnerability: a systematic review. Regional Environmental Change 16, 2291–2302. 

Nygren, A., M. Käkönen and J. Ylhäisi, J. S. (2016) Kehitysmaiden maaseudut [Changing rural lives]. In Koponen, J. M., Lanki, J., Sato, M. and Kervinen, A. (Eds) Kehityksen tutkimus: Johdatus perusteisiin. [Introduction to Development Studies] Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 207-229. 

Nygren, A., Koponen, J., Ylhäisi, J. and Käkönen, M. (2016) Ympäristö ja kehitys. [Environment and Development] In Kehityksen tutkimus: Johdatus perusteisiin. [Introduction to Development Studies]. In Koponen, J. M., Lanki, J., Sato, M. and Kervinen, A. (Eds). Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 283-309.

Käkönen, M., Lebel, L., Karhunmaa, K., Dany, V. and Try, T. (2014) Rendering Climate Change Governable in the Least-Developed Countries: Policy Narratives and Expert Technologies in Cambodia. Forum for Development Studies 41(3), 1–25. 

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Käkönen, M. and Kaisti, H. (2012) The World Bank, Laos and Renewable Energy Revolution in the Making: Challenges in Alleviating Poverty and Mitigating Climate Change. Forum for Development Studies, 39(2), 159–184.  

Keskinen, M., Kummu, M., Käkönen, M. and Varis, O. (2012) Mekong at the Crossroads: Next Steps for Impact Assessment of Large Dams , Ambio 41(3), 319–324. 

Käkönen, M. and Hirsch, P. (2009) The Anti-Politics of Mekong Knowledge Production. In Francois Molle, Tira Foran and Mira Käkönen (eds.), Contested Waterscapes in the Mekong Region: Hydropower, Livelihoods and Governance. London: Earthscan, pp. 333-365.

Käkönen, M. (2008) Mekong Delta at crossroads: More adaptation or control?. Ambio 37(3), 205–212. 

Keskinen, M., Käkönen, M., Tola, P. and Varis, O. (2007) The Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia; water-related conflicts with abundance of water . The Economics of Peace and Security Journal 2(2), 49–59.