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Quality assurance and peer-review in Tampere University Press

To ensure that only submissions of high quality are published in Tampere University Press, all publications undergo a rigorous peer-review process.
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Starting from November 2014, Tampere University Press uses the Peer-Review Label granted by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV). We adhere to the requirements imposed on the use of the Label, as well as the peer-review instructions issued by the Finnish Association of Scholarly Publishing and the Responsible conduct of research guidelines published by the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK. 

Book proposals and manuscripts are first reviewed by the editorial board. Selected full manuscripts are then peer-reviewed by at least two independent external experts. The peer-review process is either double blind or open with open identities, depending on mutual prior agreement.

The duty of the referee is to provide a statement on the manuscript’s suitability for publication, and to recommend one of the following options: (1) manuscript is acceptable in its present form; (2) the manuscript requires minor changes; (3) the manuscript is acceptable with substantial revisions; (4) the manuscript is unacceptable and should be rejected.

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On the basis of referees’ reports TUP’s editorial board assesses whether it is possible to approve the manuscript for publication. The final publishing decision is made by the publisher. As a rule, the whole process takes at least three months, often longer.

The manuscript can be accepted for publication if

  • The peer-review reports recommend publication
  • The authors are willing to consider referees’ recommendations, if any, to improve the manuscript. If revisions are requested, then these must be completed before the manuscript is accepted for publication. If major revisions have been requested, the re-submitted manuscript may be sent out for subsequent rounds of review
  • The book can still be fitted in the list of publications for the season

Once the final version of the manuscript has been accepted for publication, we send authors a contract to sign and the publication process begins.

List of referees starting from 2009

To increase the transparency of TUP's operations, we publish annually the names referees who have given their consent to this. The titles and affiliations are based on the information at the time of refereeing.