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TUPin kirjojen sisällöistä koostuva puhekuplan muotoinen ajatuspilvi.

Latest TUP books in English

Rautakivi, Siriprasertchok & Melin: A Critical Evaluation of Individualism, Collectivism and Collective Action

Kirjan kansikuva.

This comparative study aims to develop a deeper understanding of collectivism, trade unionism, and the capacity to create collective action using Finland and Cambodia as examples of individualistic and collectivistic societies, respectively. 

Kaukiainen, Kurikka, Mäkelä, Nykänen, Nyqvist, Raipola, Riippa & Samola (eds): Narratives of fear and safety

Kirjan kansi tekstillä Narratives of Fear and Safety.

This edited volume examines the cultural meanings of fear and safety in literature and other media. The articles bring forth new, cross-cultural interpretations on the topic through examining what kinds of genre-specific means of world-making narratives use to express these two affectivities.

Nicol Foulkes Savinetti & Aart-Jan Riekhoff (eds): Shaping and re-shaping the boundaries of working life

Kirjan kansi, jossa teksti Shaping and re-shaping the boundaries of working life.

The labour market has been under massive pressure due to fast technological change, globalisation, deregulation, privatisation, mass migration, and financial and economic crisis. In this book some of the finest work researchers from Finland and abroad explore the ways working life is changing.