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What do we publish?

Tampere University Press publishes scholarly monographs and edited volumes mainly in Finnish, Swedish and English. We are interested in manuscripts on topical issues in the fields of social sciences and humanities. We do not publish, for example, general non-fiction, project reports, or previously published works.

Submit your manuscript

To discuss preliminarily on timetables and the topic of your book, please contact us first by email tup(at)tuni.fi.

Offer your manuscript to Tampere University Press by filling in the proposal form carefully. Once the form has been sent, you cannot submit the manuscript to another publisher. You can send the files entailing the actual manuscript by e-mail. Please send the manuscript only when it is completely finished, as we will not submit incomplete works for peer-review.

Why Open Access?

Open Access means that publications are available online – to everyone and free of charge. Instead of sales or subscription profits, publishing activities are funded with so-called book processing charges (BPCs) paid by the authors or the authors’ institutions.

The popularity of Open Access is growing because:

  • Open Access publications are available to everyone; including the general public, decision-makers, journalists, teachers and other practitioners worldwide
  • Open Access publications make excellent course books, as their availability is not limited by the number of physical copies or user licenses
  • Authors do not lose copyright on their own work
  • Open access publications are used and cited more than publications that are behind paywall
  • Many research funders and organizations recommend or even require the open publication of research output.

What is the publication process like?

Please reserve enough time for the publication process. Note that the process includes a preliminary assessment of the suitability of the manuscript, peer-review (min. 2 months), manuscript revision based on feedback from the referees, manuscript layout and graphic design, possible printing, and the recording of the book on electronic platforms.

The peer-review process follows the guidelines issued by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV). The manuscripts are evaluated by two or more independent experts who will draw up an evaluation report to the editorial board. Based on the report, the publisher decides whether to publish the book or not. If the decision is positive, the publisher and the authors sign a publishing agreement, and the manuscript is edited for publishing.

How much does it cost?

The price of the Open Access book consists of a basic charge (350 euros) and of the layout (see attached file):

The value-added tax is added to the prices. Authors can order so-called author's copies for themselves. The publisher does not sell printed copies.


Individual articles included in edited volumes published by Tampere University Press will be saved on the open institutional repository of Tampere University immediately after publication. The articles can be downloaded and distributed under the terms of the CC license marked on the work. For example, the final PDF version of an article can be stored in the institutional repository of the author's organization, as long as the article's bibliographic information and the original permanent link (http: //urn.fi/URN: ISBN: ...) are included.

We do not recommend the self-archiving of manuscript versions (”author's post-prints”).