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Library is your partner in research. We promote open science by providing support for open publishing and managing research data. We also advise on following the impact and visibility of your research and on the use of the research information systems of our community. Open Access publisher Tampere University Press is available to you.
Research support services

Open Access publishing

Open Access (OA) is about the open, free availability of scientific information. Free availability means that the user has the right to read, copy, print and link full-text versions of scientific publications. A scientific publication (a research article, a conference article or a book) can be defined as publicly available once it is readable on the Internet by both the scientific community and the general public, free of charge. At Tampere Universities scientific publications are opened up either in parallel versions or in high-quality Gold Open Access channels, if the latter exists in the field.

The Library offers support at different stages of open access publishing. We help for example to choose a reliable publication channel, self-archiving, comment the publication plans, request publishing permissions from the publishing houses. We also advise in questions relating to article processing charges, the Creative Commons licences and sharing terms and conditions et cetera.

Open research data and research data management

Research data produced within Tampere higher education community are as open as possible and as closed as necessary. Good research data management is an important part of researcher skills and good scientific practice. Tampere higher education community’s research data services support researchers in their data management.

More help, guidance and additional information for research data management:

Research impact and visibility

High impact and visibility of research is one of the key goals of Tampere Universities. Impact and visibility can be measured in different ways. The Library offers training and guidance on using the different measurement methods, bibliometrics, altmetrics and datametrics.

  • Bibliometrics: statistical analysis of publications that examines for example how many times scientific publications have been cited in recent research.
  • Altmetrics: tracking research impact and visibility in social media and other online platforms.
  • Datametrics: tracking impact and visibility of research data.

Bibliometric services

Tampere University Library offers customized services to the Tampere Universities’ management, Faculties, Schools, research groups and Tampere University Hospital. We provide bibliometric analyses for different purposes, for example for monitoring the impact of the Universities’ research, for recruitment and for funding applications.

  • Research Impact and Visibility Guide <link: forthcoming>

Research information system support

We provide support and training in using research information systems. For now, TUTCRIS and SoleCRIS will remain in use and usernames will stay the same.

For help on using the systems and reporting publication data, see:

For now, you should

  • Keep on using SoleCRIS with your old username if you used to work at University of Tampere
  • Keep on using TUTCRIS with your old username if you used to work at Tampere University of Technology

If you work at TAMK, you should register your publication with JUSTUS service. For support in publication data collection and JUSTUS service at TAMK, contact publication coordinator Tiina Kenttälä-Koivumäki (tiina.kenttala-koivumaki@tuni.fi).

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