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Tampere University Library

Publishing support

The Library offers support when you are publishing your dissertation or other thesis. The aim is to publish all theses in the open repositories of the higher education community. Furthermore, you can ask the Library for ISBN and ISSN numbers for publications published by the University.
Publishing support services

Open repositories of Tampere Universities

Tampere Universities has four institutional repositories at the moment. We promote open access by self-archiving the researchers publications in institutional repositories whenever the publishers copyright policies allow this. In most cases the theses of Tampere Universities are published openly.


  • Theses by former University of Tampere (UTA) students (master’s theses, licentiate theses, doctoral dissertations)
  • Self-archived, monographs and series articles by former UTA staff
  • Open Access books by Tampere University Press


  • Doctoral dissertations by former Tampere University of Technology (TUT) students
  • Self-archived articles, monographs and series by former TUT staff


  • Theses by former TUT students (bachelor’s theses, master’s theses, licentiate theses)


  • Theses by Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) students
  • Self-archived articles by TAMK staff

Publishing a thesis

Tampere Universities publish theses openly unless prohibited by the terms of an external publisher. The Library publishes theses openly in the open repositories of Tampere Universities if the author allows this.

You will find more information and instructions about publishing your theses in our guide.

Publishing a doctoral dissertation

We will help you with publishing your doctoral dissertation when you are defending the dissertation at Tampere University. We will publish your dissertation online and take care of the announcement of the public defence together with the Communication unit of Tampere University.

You will find all the updated information about publishing your dissertation and the announcement of the public defence in our guide. You can also contact dissertations@tuni.fi.

Serial publications

On-brand cover for serial publications of Tampere University has been designed for you to use. Ask about it from layoutservices@tuni.fi.

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Sharing ISBN & ISSN numbers

Library shares the ISBN numbers for the publications that will be published by Tampere University For the ISBN number we need the information about the publications’ name, publication year and the series and series number if these are available. Let us also know whether you need the ISBN number for the printed or/and online version.

We also share the ISSN numbers for the new university series.

Ask for the ISBN and ISSN numbers by contacting: isbn@tuni.fi.